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How To Build Brand Loyalty With SMS Messages

One of the biggest trends in building brand loyalty in 2023 is thoughtfulness. People no longer want to be targeted or segmented they want brands to treat them as individuals. If companies lack authenticity when delivering personalized messages, they’ll weaken consumer loyalty.

As clients continue to combat rising prices, customer loyalty becomes even more crucial to brand success. A 2022 survey found that 25% of consumers purchased fewer of their favorite brands. As spending contracts, businesses must ensure they’re engaging customers thoughtfully to maintain brand loyalty.

Stay Top of Mind With SMS Reminders

Reminding shoppers that they have items in their cart can improve brand loyalty, provided they’re personalized. If an item in their cart goes on sale, send SMS reminders highlighting the new price, and include recommendations to help cross-sell items.

Crafting personalized messages doesn’t require complex formatting. An SMS gateway such as the one Mitto offers allows users to interface with the telecommunications network using a computer. The SMS gateway converts the text into the appropriate formats for text messaging.

Build Loyalty With Rewards 

Text messaging opens an immediate channel for promoting a loyalty program. With a 98% open rate, SMS messages are a proven method for connecting with buyers. Create monthly SMS campaigns that indicate what’s available with the shopper’s rewards, focusing on items reflected in their buying history.

Consistent marketing campaigns build trust, especially when the focus is on what buyers can purchase through a loyalty program. These campaigns don’t have to be time-consuming. With the right solution, businesses can create and schedule SMS messages to be delivered in the future. Platforms like Mitto’s messaging solution provides customized messaging with a calendar for scheduling messages.

Engage Shoppers

Interacting with customers in real time helps establish a personal connection that loyal clients crave. In a cart abandonment reminder, ask shoppers if they need additional help or have questions. Sometimes, buyers leave items in their carts because product information is missing. For example, they may be unsure of the color or size.

Having someone respond immediately to a text personalizes the conversation. Not everyone is good at visualizing size, for instance. A shopper who is unsure of how a table lamp will look in their space might appreciate a real-time conversation with an agent who can provide context, like telling them that the lamp’s base is about as tall as a 2-liter bottle, giving them a better concept of size.

SMS solutions that support two-way conversations enable brands to develop stronger customer relationships. Mitto’s solution gives companies the tools to meet customer expectations for personalized engagements.

Understand Customers

Brands use different customer relationship management tools to organize the knowledge they have about their customers. Integrating SMS with CRM solutions allows businesses to leverage the data they have to deliver more tailored text messages. Mitto’s integration capabilities use SMS APIs to enable fast incorporation into any technology stack.

APIs create links between software solutions. For example, an SMS API connects Mitto’s products to a CRM solution such as Salesforce. Through this interface, information relating to customer interactions can be shared. Finding a provider with an existing API makes implementation faster.

SMS Strengthens Brand Loyalty

Consistent messaging across multiple channels increases the connection between brands and buyers. Texts are more engaging and encourage interactions between companies and customers. With the right solution, businesses can deliver authentic messages that show their understanding of their clients. Learn more about Mitto’s SMS messaging products and services.