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Words and phrases to avoid in marketing 9 Words

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              Words and phrases to avoid in marketing

Words and phrases to avoid in marketing. There are 9 words and phrases that you want to avoid when you're doing marketing.To be honest with you

Why would you say  to be honest with you? Okay? When you're marketing, if you say that those words to be honest with you what it in ers is that you have not been being honest up until that point. It is a horrible phrase to write. Because it immediately makes you seem untrustworthy. Dishonest and it makes people not want to do business with you. But let me be frank, once again, this is another phrase which makes you seem completely dishonest.To be frank.To be up front.

What you're conveying to the prospect reading the marketing materials that you haven't been being honest once again. And its a horrible phrase to use and it puts you at a very low level.Trust me Trust me this is going to work for you. Trust me. I am going to show you how to make a lot of money online. Doesn't that just make you immediately not trust me? When I say trust me, the first thing people think is when you say trust me is why do you have to tell me to trust you?

Words and phrases to avoid in marketing
If you're saying trust me I am immediately think well I don't know if I trust you. Its one of those things where if you were actually trustworthy, you wouldn't need to tell somebody to trust you. Once again, don't use that phrase. Number 4 is Sorry to bother to you but Id like to ask you a question. Why are you apologizing for bothering me? It immediately puts you at a level that's lower than the person you're trying to sell to. Why are you worried about bothering them? If you have something of value to give to the person, they should be bothering you. You should be talking to that person. You shouldn't be bothering them. If you have something worthwhile to say, why would you even worry about bothering that person?

It makes no sense. If you're saying Sorry to bother you, the first thing I think is you're probably bothering me. And I don't want to talk to you. Buy. Buy my training course. Buy my Rockem Sockem and robots.People don't want to buy it. Because when you say buy, you immediately insert tension into the conversation. You immediately insert tension because where peoples brains go when you say buy is you immediately make them thinkWell if I buy something I am going to have to spend money. People think to buy, they think about spending money. I don't want to buy anything. I don't want to spend money.But I would like to own this. I would like to enjoy this game now. Okay?

Words and phrases to avoid in marketing

Own something has a different connotation. Okay? Owning something is a benefit.Whereas buy is a negative word that'll push people away. It'll make them think of their wallets. Contract. After we finish the call, I'll send you the contract. Now, the contract is a word that you don't want to use. It is another word to avoid. Because a contract sounds binding. It sounds like a long term commitment. It sounds like a legal thing that is a bit icky. I don't want to sign a contract.Cant we just agree?

People don't like commitments. I don like commitments. You might not like commitments. And a contract seems very commit-ee. So, don't use the word contract. You can use a different word instead.Such as paperwork or something a little less invasive than the contract.  Submit your email, submit your information. Submit, submit, submit, submit, submit, submit, submit. this is another word and phrase that or this other word that just boggles my mind that people still use in marketing. Submit. Submit sounds very slave-like. It sounds like I am talking down to somebody. Submit. Nobody wants to submit. You know, unless you're kind of into BDSM which is a whole other conversation for a whole other channel. We won't talk about that here. But if you are into BDSM up, Type in I am into it okay in the chat below. That'll be kind of an interesting factoid to know.

Words and phrases to avoid in marketing

YouTube doesn't tell me in their stats whos into BDSM. So, just say, Im into it. Weird turn of conversation.But submit is not a good word to use in marketing. Submit your email address, submit your information. Very bad word. Never use it. The eighth word to avoid using in marketing is the word Unique.  Check out my very unique product. Check out my unique sound recording device. Check out my unique light thing here.e, Unique is such a non-specific word.Its been rendered meaningless. Unique means nothing. Unique is such an overused word. Everybody uses the word unique. Everything can be unique. Its meaningless. And it carries no benefits to it. You can use something more descriptive.

Words and phrases to avoid in marketing

Maybe you say one in a kind, limited quantity thick item. Or you can use better language depending on what item you're selling than using the word unique. And the ninth word to not use and never use in marketing is the word cheap.Okay? Maybe you discounted your product. Don't say Get it for cheap Cheap values the product or service that you're selling. Never give somebody something for cheap. Its a good value, its a good buy. Its not cheap. So, confuse the word cheap. You can say discounted. You could say sale.Something better than saying cheap.Cheap just devalues the product.Yet it is another word that's used commonly in sales and marketing. I see all the time that just very bad. And make sure you avoid it. Can you think of other words or phrases to avoid in marketing?

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