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Top 10 Tech News - December 2019 - Charlee Tech Zone

Top 10 Tech News - December 2019 - Charlee Tech Zone

Hello, I am your host wajahat and welcome to the Top 10 Tech News of the Month.

Hackers can speak to your smart device using lasers Researchers from the University of Michigan have found potential new security issues with voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Apples Siri, and Google Home products.

and open to hackers. Internet freedom declining around the world for the ninth year running, the level of Internet freedom has declined, with a report citing that increased online election interference and government surveillance are to blame.

The report has also shown that the introduction of new technologies such as biometrics, artificial intelligence, and 5G networks may open up more possibilities of automated mass surveillance.U.S. army create military robot software that allows robots to understand verbal instructions, carry out a task and report back has been developed in the US Army research lab.

inructions and interpret gestures. Plant-based meals to be produced by 3D printers is expected that printed meals will be featured in European menus from as early as next year, with Spanish and Israeli .

Upcoming general elections spark online ad warIn preparation for the General Election on the 12th of December, political campaigners in the UK are relying heavily on data-driven targeted advertising. Users have access to how much each party is spending, and the messages that they are showing to targeted groups,in an attempt to make advertising on the platform more transparent. Has your iPhone been hacked?

A new iOS app has been launched which promises to detect whether your i Phone has been secretly hacked.iVerify has been developed bya U.S. security firmin an attempt to curb hack son Apple smartphones.It is one of the first apps of its kind,and aims to catch iPhone hacks in the making as wellas providing training and awareness.UK gambling machines loaded with AI system Betting shops across the UK areinstalling software into every gambling machine to detect and deterproblematic behaviour in players.

The AI follows a players behaviourand looks for evidence of erratic play,or spending too long on the machine,with the system locking playersout of the machine for a cooling-off period. Uber loses London license transport for London has announced that they will not be renewing Uber's license after more than 14,000 trips were found to be taken with drivers who had faked their identity in the app. ever accounts the passengers.

Botnet caught using YouTube to mine crypto-currencyStantinko botnet, which is thought to have at least infected 500,000 devices around the world, now has crypto-mining in its arsenal.  However, the botnets creator even removed functionalities from their malware to try and avoid detection. Black Friday products found to have the same or lower prices at other times of the year consumers have been urged to do their research after an investigation carried out by consumers rights group found that many items have the same or lower prices at other times of the year.

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