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How To Start Grow A Facebook Group

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    How To Start  Grow A Facebook Group

Hey, Wajahat Ch here.And in today's post I am going to be going over how to start and grow a Facebook group.Now you may have seen in the news or in ads or any...You know if you're anywhere in the world using Facebook.You see that Facebook is really pushing groups out to its like 2.5 billion users.So groups are becoming a much bigger thing.And starting a group right now is the best time to start it because of there's so many press round groups.And Facebook is really pushing groups up in the algorithm.

And I am going to be showing you in this post how you can grow a Facebook group.How you can engage with your audience better to really make your Facebook group kind of a central location and turn it in a community.And lastly how to monetize.And Facebook groups are incredibly easy to monetize if you just know-how.And I'll be showing you each of these 3 steps with some examples on my computer.Stay tuned take notes and prepare for some good good good good sweet knowledge.Okay That money is for the money that you'll be making with Facebook groups. I have got a friend who has multi-million business whos actually based on their Facebook group.And in fact, I am going to show you one of my friends right here who has a very large Facebook group around Facebook ads right?

We're all marketers.So check this out.I'm going to go Facebook here.My friends' group is called Facebook ad buyers.That's run by my friend Tim Burg.He has almost 100000 members right here.Really cool.But their groups is for everything people.I mean folks look at this.You know Local Business Facebook Ad Buyers.You know that's, 14000 members.You have Facebook Ad Hacks.127000 members.This is just for people buying ads on Facebook and agency owners.Now the average person doing Facebook ads makes over 6 figures a year.How valuable would it be to have an audience of 100000 people?

Or 127000 people that all earn over 6 figures a year on average?Let us just do the math here.You have $100000 per year times, 100000 people.That is the equivalent buying power of 10 billion dollars okay?So that's a lot of buying power right there.10 billion dollars is concentrated in this group.You have very easy ways to monetize it because you can go after such a niche audience.Now here on Facebook ad buyers, you'll see the group his group and he keeps it very engaged.Now we'll be going all over all of the 3 steps grow to engage monetize in just a second here.So my friend Tim Bird throws mastermind events teaching people advanced tactics for Facebook ad buying.And as you see this is his London Mastermind.He's saying let me double your profit in just a few days.Yes for real.

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Keep in mind these are all people that make on average somewhere in the range of 6 figures per year.And he is charging $6000 for a mastermind.So I have been to some of his masterminds before.There are attended by anywhere from 50 to 100 people.So if you do the math each event has made maybe $300000 teaching people advance Facebook add tactics.You can grow very big business.You can find a lot of targeting golden niches all over the place.There is so many opportunities.And I am going to be showing you those opportunities on the whiteboard how to do that.Let us get into it.So one of the first ways to grow your Facebook group is making joining a step-by-step process.An A-to-B-to-C-to-D process.Now for instance if you're having the sign up for an email list or you're having people register for a webpage or click on a link you can ask them to do things in sequential order or you can say Click on this link to watch the free training webinar.You know to get access to the free training webinar clicks this link.And then you re-direct them.Or you could tell them join my Facebook group to get the link to access the webinar.

So you take them from your webpage and you have them go to the next page where they join your Facebook group.And once they join your Facebook group you could have the top post of your Facebook group.Say here is the link to your free training.Okay?There is a million things you could do.Or you could say Hey go to my free training.After you register for this training you could send them an email.And you could say Join my Facebook group.Or another way you could do it is you could say If you would like a free report or free case study on how to lose more weight join my Facebook group and I will share in my Facebook group the freebie.You can do a lot of things to incentivize people.

But make it as part of the flow okay?If people sign up for your email list after they sign up for your email list telling them to join your Facebook group next okay?After they join your Facebook group tell them to join your YouTube channel.After they join your YouTube channel the first video on your YouTube channel could tell them to join your Instagram.So you can ferry people around.And in on E channel marketing approach is whats working in 2020.It is where marketing is going.So moving people through a step-by-step process to get on your social media mediums is a great way to do this.Don't let your sign up flow go to waste.Another way you could get people to join your Facebook group or to grow it is to just put up a link in your signature okay?Everybody here is probably spending out emails.If anybody does not send out emails please let me know.You are a freak of nature.I would like to meet you.You are weird.

Put links in your signature so that people could join your Facebook Group okay?

Very easy.Another way you could help grow your Facebook group is to use short links okay?

To shorten the link to join your Facebook group because generally speaking the links are long.Make a short link so that it is convenient for people to click on and view.And for you to post everywhere.If you have an Instagram profile if you have a twitter profile.If you have a YouTube channel make sure all of your social mediums are using your links and linking back to your Facebook group so that you can actually get people from all of your social mediums back into your Facebook group.And the last method to grow is feature members from your Facebook group.Feature them in another medium.So if you have any email newsletter feature them in your newsletter.

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Say Hey shout out to...Whatever member.And link back to your group.On your Instagram profile or your Twitter or your YouTube channel.Or your Snapchat or your PinTerest or your blog etc.You can feature members from your Facebook group all over the place and that is ads another way to get people to go back to your group and engage there.So one way to get people to engage in your group is to promote people to moderators or admins or administrators of your group.The people who are most active really highlight them.Give them more power and takes less to work off of your plate and make somebody in a more important role.You created a group to let other people run it.So that's really great way.

And your admin or your moderator or whoever your most engaged people are they will help grow the group as well.Other methods you can create engagement in the group is you could do a poll.And this could be great market research for you.You could start a debate between members.Or about a specific topic.Other things you can do are you could actually post up special behind-the-scenes content for members.People who are in your group get to see special previews of content that maybe you come outwith your business.And last but not least I could do live streams.And live streams are a highly effective way of getting people really engaged and excited about what you're doing.Whereat monetize.Now monetization is a great way.I showed you one example of how one of my friend Tim Bird is monetizing his Facebook group and making anywhere from quarter million to half a million dollars for a weekend event.From his members.Because he has so many members now its pretty crazy.

Now ways you can monetize it you could use it to launch.You know build up hype to launch products.Okay?Or launch new offerings of whatever your company does.Or launch new affiliate products.You could create resource guides with bunches of affiliate links.Let us say you are running a weight loss group.Or in your pinned post you could actually feature 27 products to help you lose weight.And you could list out a bunch of products or exercise equipment or whatnot.And you could use affiliate links in there.So resource guide.I am a big fan of resource guides because you can get people buying many products.Instead of just one product.The more products you can get people to buy the more money you make.That's what we're trying to do here.Now another way you could do it is you could get volunteers Okay?

So this doesn't really make you any money but it saves you money.So you could get volunteers from your groups of your engaged people.What have you.We have 2 more things here.So lets go onto it.This doesn't make you any money either.But it helps.You could validate the different ideas you have for the business.Test the market.See if they're interested in getting what you want.Having a group and having a social audience for me has been really useful because I am so...I am constantly able to figure out if my new marketing is going to work or not.And I just ask people.I say Hey what is your interest in this?Or what are you looking for?I pull people.I ask people questions all the time.And having such a big audience now it makes it really easy.I don't have to guess anymore.And last but not the least is you can build an email list from your Facebook group and send them emails on a daily basis to get them to just have another point of communication with them to get them to buy more products.So there's a lot of ways you can monetize your audience on Facebook.And growing a group is one of the best ways to do that.

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