Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020

         Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020 ✋✋✋✋

Oh, that root beer float is good. Do you know what else is good? It is learning how to do affiliate marketing with an Amazon affiliate program. I'm going to show you for beginners how you can market amazon as an affiliate in 2020. And I'm going to lead you step-by-step right here on my computer how to do this. Now I've made millions of dollars from affiliate marketing. I make about a million dollars a month. And Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs around. ill be showing you how you can sign up. How you can get traffic and how you get paid. So let us get into it. Lets hop on my computer right now and I'm going to show you everything steps by step. Now first if you don't understand what affiliate marketing is it might help to understand this bit before we move forward. Because affiliate marketing is kind of a complex new concept. It flies over most peoples head. But it is the future of sales and marketing. So how it works is basically there is an affiliate network okay?

And Amazon is an affiliate network because you can sell any product on Amazon and make money. And Amazon would pay you. So now with an affiliate network, there are also affiliates and then there are customers. And the way it works is that as an affiliate you will get a link from amazon and you will deliver that link to the customer. So amazon gives you a link and you put that link on the internet on sites like google Facebook Youtubetwitter. And the customer clicks the link and if they buy a product then you get your commission. Okay? And the typical commission is about 5% on amazon. You can make anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of whatever anybody buys on amazon. And amazon sells about a billion dollars worth of product every single day. So that means roughly the opportunity for affiliates is about 50to a hundred million dollars every single day. So there's a lot of money to be made.

Now what this looks like is when you sign up you will see this big thing called Amazon Associates site stripe. And this is how I get my affiliate links. But to get this little toolbar which is supplied by Amazon to show up what you need to first do is you need to go to and you need to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page. And you need to go to the section that says Make money with us. Look at all these ways you can make money with amazon. Did you know that there were so many ways you could make money with Amazon? Were only going to be talking about one of these ways you can make money with Amazon right here. But there are a lot of other ways you can make money with this trillion-dollar company. So the opportunity is endless with amazon. And if you are excited so far because I'm only going to be talking about one of these. Talk about some of these others in other post.

But if you are excited about this type in Amazon money in the chat right now or in the comments because I mean it is a goldmine out there people. It has never been a better time to quit your job to drop out of college and to start making money for yourself and being self-employed. And look there's even more okay? So were going to click right here become an affiliate. And you click that to sign up. And they accept affiliates from almost every country in the world. And as you see right here earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted partner e-commerce leader. And it is free to join okay? So were going to click right here to join. And they tell you how much you can get paid. You know you earn different amounts on different items. So youre only 5% on digital goods. Different products you earn different amounts on. But you can earn up to 10%. So well click join now for free. And that would be how you join. Now once you've joined this site stripe will show up on any time you go to Amazon okay?

This little bar up here. Andis where you'll get your links. So how do you get links for a specific product tho? Heres a really good book I recently read. It is by Cormac McCarthy called Blood Meridian. The amazing western book that takes place in the kind ofTexas Mexico border during the wars with Mexico in the 1800s. I mean it's unbelievable. This author also wrote The Movie No Country for Old Men.And he has a whole series of books that take place and usually Texas or the south and they're really dark but really good. And just... I mean their good reads. I read this book. Its a page-turner. Blood Meridian. And let us say I wanted to talk to it up to people or I wanted to send an email to my friends and say Hey just wanted to give you a book update or something. You know I wanted to sell it online right? 

So I would type in blood meridian. Heres the book by Cormac McCarthy. Now what I would do is I would talk about this. I would copy the link. See right up here is where I would just get the link. And this link is going to populate literally for this book. So we can just copy this. And if we put it in right? See we just paste it in it'll go to that same page. Now, what great about this though is it looks like its the same page. But if somebody buys this book after using your link you end up getting 5% of the money.Pretty cool right? So that's how it works at about fifty cents. So now the question is we got our link. We understand how affiliate marketing works. We know what we're going to promote. Were going to talk about a book but how do we get traffic right? There are plenty of ways to get traffic. Can you actually name a place you cant post a link? You can. You can post links on Instagram Facebook TwitterGoogle LinkedIn. You can place links anywhere on the internet. And that where we go to do. So what I'm going to do though is I am going to... Or maybe all I answer somebody's question. And I'll type in Blood Meridian okay?

Who is the judge in Blood Meridian okay? So I'm going to talk about this book and I'm going to say the judge is the personification of death. You know so I'm just going to answer this and I say The judge in Blood Meridian is the personification of death. Okay. So I just rose his sentence and Id say I highly recommend this book as well as Cormac McCarthy's other books in the Border Trilogy. You can get it here. And I just put a link and then I put submit. And boom! Okay? So there we go. And I would just say I won't need an added credential. That's it. So there we go. Now we posted a link and hopefully, some people see my post and end up clicking my link to buy the book.Now you can do this for anything right? You can post links on... Maybe there is a Facebook group that talks about Cormac McCarthy the author Right?

So we could post it on his page. Be like Thank you so much. I just read your book.It was amazing. We could find book clubs. You know maybe he has a fan page Cormac McCarthy support group. Right? Maybe we can find book clubs okay? So let us see if there are any book groups. Heres a book club on Facebook. So we could join it.Usually, you have to write you know to answer a couple of questions to join a book club. Or you know any group on Facebook. So you could join this group. Monthly book group. And join group boom! And there are some questions. So you could join those groups and post links to books. You could do a lot of different things to get your link out there. There is a lot of places where people talk about books. You could start an Instagram profile about books. You could do a YouTube video where you sit there and you say Okay today this week we are talking about this book by Cormac McCarthy. This is my review.

This is a book review of Blood Meridian.You could do a million things. But you don't have to do it for just books. You could promotes any sort of product around. And there are literally millions and millions of products that you can promote online for any sort of thing.Now it might have seemed pretty easy because it is very easy.And the fact of the matter is affiliate marketing is so simple and that's why it is exploding. Now the only thing about Amazon affiliate marketing that you have to understand is that 5 to 10 percent commission while that seems pretty nice it is actually quite low okay? And there are products that you can sell as an affiliate where you can earn as much as 90% commissions. In fact, if youre a really advanced affiliate marketer there are sites where you can earn 1000% commission. So that if somebody buys a product worth $5 you can get $50 worth of commission for helping that startup company to generate a customer. So if you want to go deeper into affiliate marketing that's what I do for a living. I make over$900000 a month doing affiliate marketing for a living.

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