Monday, 10 February 2020

4 Steps To Advertise Websites Online Profitably

 //4 Steps To Advertise Websites Online Profitably//

I am Wajahat Ch. I am a professional advertiser and also now an entrepreneur and I have managed tens of millions of dollars in advertising for a number of businesses as well as my own business and in this post I am gonna go over my four kinds of simple step formula for how to advertise websites online and I'll be going over research, hypothesizing, testing and optimizing which is my formula for creating effective advertising and rinsing and repeating that to increase profits for either company or for myself. Stay tuned! 

And let us check it out. So advertising online is the coolest place to advertise because you have access to all of the information about everything your competitors are doing. So the first step obviously is research. If you're starting to advertise online it is so easy. Exactly what copy are creative they are using in their advertising and exactly who they're sending their advertisements to. There is no reason not to know everything about your competitor's advertising campaigns they're targeting, ad copy and their websites, their funnels. Everything, it is out there on the Internet if you are doing it online they know everything about your competitors that is the way to win. 

I buy all my competitors' products.I am one of their biggest fans because they give me everything I need to optimize my business. Create hypotheses. what is a hypothesis? Now, the hypothesis that word comes from science and what it means is you say okay I am going to spend a hundred dollars on Google Ads and I am hoping to be spending $10 for every person to who fills out a form. So I believe I am going to get 10 people signing up to my email list at a cost of roughly $10 each. Now the reason we hypothesize is that if you don't know where you are aiming, then you don't know where you're going. Its like driving without a map. You are just following a road you don't know what's going on. And a lot of people are running their businesses blind. They have no idea what they're doing, they have no idea where they're going. 

They're just kind of going and hoping a bunch of money shows up there hoping you know they spend less money than they make or most people don't actually. Hypothesize of where you are going to create that test. The next step is to test your advertising. Again you already know what your competitors are advertising, you know their websites, you know their ads, you know roughly what they're targeting and create some tests. Use your competitors' ads as control. Again there's no reason why he should be innovating on what your competitors are doing.Do not copy exactly but do it you know rub maybe change the font or you know picture something here and there. But basically use their copy and their advertising as the control and control mean that you know their advertising works. 

So start with that and then create your own variations to see if you do better. And you can use various sorts of software to split test that's called split testing. ever else. Optimizely improved etc. And the last step is optimized. Now optimizing is Id say, you know one of the most important parts of advertising its where you look at the day. You say, okay I put up you know an ad that was exactly the same as our competitor and I put up an ad that was my own kind of variation from my own creative thoughts. And you look at what performs better. Thats it. And you keep doing this until you get better and better and better. Most of the time, that and you copied from your competitor will outperform your own creative jumblywombly thoughts. Once you start getting good your ads will outperform your competitors' ads or the control. And you can start moving the needle up and up, to the point where you are making more profit you are making more ROI than your competitors. And you are able to spend more you are able to out spend them in advertising, you are able to get more customers from them and you are able to take them out of business hopefully. So this was kind of a simple video and kind of very very non I didn't walk you through everything on the actual computer but I hope this gives you a model for advertising online.

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