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UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019)

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UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019)

                                                      What's up everyone

wellcome to Charlee Tech Zone. Are you new to freelancing or interested in it and trying to figure out which platform you should start on?

So this is a home screen of Upwork before you get logged in or anything like that, its really clean, really crisp. Hire freelancers, make things happen, this trademark, great to have right in the center of the page. These guys the CEO of a company that's worked through Upworkusing freelancers from the site, CEO of Touchnote.Another great thing they have right in the center of the screen, you scroll down, it shows some trusted really big companies that use Upworkto hire freelancers through, Zendesk, Dropbox, Airbnb, GE, UCLA, Microsoft, really big companies. A good statement that you can hire freelancers for any scope of work such as short-term tasks, reoccurring projects or even full-time work.

There are a ton of longterm clients on Upwork waiting. I have worked with some clients since I initially started on Upwork which will be three years ago this June. So there are clients that I have worked with for almost three years consistently. They are great people and great to work with as well. And if we scroll down further, we can see where they go into different types of experts that you can hire for your team as freelancers. We have web developers, mobile developers, there's a ton of categories, like a ton of categories. If you click on see all, it all displays all the different types of categories. You can dive into those and find freelancers. Top-rated freelancers specific to those different types of categories if you're looking to fill a certain type of job task. And if we scroll a little bit further, we can see how the process works if someone were to create an account on Upwork. So not only am I a freelancer, but I also have an Upwork employer account.

UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019)

It is very easy, I have done it my self. You post a job, very simple, gives you different things to fill out. Freelancers come to you, you can invite people to bid on your job, which I do when I do create them. You can invite people to bid on your job,also freelancers will bid on jobs, as you know if you created a freelancer account. You're gonna be going through different types of jobs to figure out which ones that you wanna bid on. So freelancers come to you, you can also invite people. You can collaborate easy. They have different chat video options. One thing I will say is that the built-in video calls are not the best.

Upwork knows about this, I have even brought it up to the support and they are aware of it and working on it, make it better. The main thing that happens for me is it doesn't pick up my webcam, so sometimes when I get on a call through Upwork, I cant use a webcam. I just have to make that known to the client. They're usually cool with it, but anyway,I have issues with my webcam and Upwork not recognizing it. And then payment simplified, this is great from an employer perspective, as well as a freelancer perspective. You put your payment source in. Every week, you'll get an invoice listing out all the billing hours that your freelancer did for you. You can go through it.If there any issue with it, you can let them know. Anyway, and then it will get automatically paid through your payment source every week on the same day.

UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019) 

From a freelancer perspective, this is one of the best parts. Your gonna get paid every week on the same way no matter what, especially with hourly contracts.So if you do any type of consulting work or freelance work,if you've done it ever outside of a platform like Upworkor Freelancer et cetera, if you've ever done that, you know that there is a problem with some clients not paying you on time.Ive had clients outside of Upworkand let me tell you, this is one of the worst parts of doing business outside of a platform like thisas a freelancer. You will have some clients who youll continuously have to tell and remind et Cetera to pay you for your invoice.Ive sent an invoice to clients, had to wait months.It is a bad process to go through and its one of the best benefits on of working on Upwork or Freelancer.

There is a ton of other benefits. Number one is the amount of jobs that are available to you to bid on anytime. But the payment part of it is one of the best options, from my personal experience.And if you scroll down further, its really just more basic stuff going through the different types of plans you can get as an employer. Scrolling down further, just a testimonial from a client saying they saved 2.3 million working on Upworkby using freelancers, hiring them for specific specialized tasks rather than having someone full-time in house.So as you can see, the home page of Upworkhas a really good look and feel, really clean, really crisp and states everything that the company is about straight on the home page of the website.So now let us go ahead and take a look at the home page of, similar to Upwork when you first come to the website.Really clean, crisp, colors tie into the logo.

UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019) 

Dead center of the screen, hire expert freelancers for any job, online. This is similar to how Upwork had its structure where they had a quote very similar in this area in the screen. So this right here is something I do not like about website design cost $390, this mobile app cost $150et cetera, this is setting the wrong precedent from employers who come to the website. They're gonna come to the website. Say I need a website developer for instance. I come to, I wanna create my account. I started looking at this different graphic that rolling through and I see this website design costs $390, now I wanna create a project, set a fixed price budget to $390 or less and then expect a freelancer, no matter what skills that they have, no matter what experience they have, no matter how many hours that your website design is going to take to complete, they're gonna expect it to be completed for $390 or less if they set it for less. From a freelancer perspective, that is a very bad thing to have advertised on the home page of your website. You could have some of the most talented web developers working on your platform as a freelancer and your telling new clients coming to the website, this website design cost $390.Now they're gonna make that fixed price project.

Your gonna have all these really talented web developers that are gonna feel like they have to sell themselves short and not take the full amount of money that they should be making because the budgets gonna be set this low and is being advertised that way right on the homepage of the website. So that's one thing I don't like. They put it there for a reason, obviously, trying to get clients more attracted to the website based on pricing, but again, that's something that I wouldn't recommend doing. Then if we scroll down a little bit farther, let me zoom in on this part. This basically asks what type of work you need. Goes into different types of projects and the process for creating a project.And then the crowd favorite section, this is actually a good one. It goes through some really popular projects on, you can even click on post your project like this, and it will help you gear your project related to the one you're looking at. Again, the thing I don't like those starting from $99, starting from 90, this is really bad from a freelancer perspective.It is telling the client they can start their project from around this fixed price budget of $99.Again, its something that I would have on here, personally.And then scrolling down further, this is similar again,to Upwork, get your project started now.

UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019) 

Gives you some different ones you can select from.32 million professionals on-demand, this is not how many active accounts are on freelancer that are actually bidding on projects, this is how many accounts exist on been around for a long time.So there's a ton of accounts on here, that doesn't mean there this many active, so if you're a freelancer and you see this, and you're like,how in the world am I going to get a job when there are 32 million people out there bidding on all these jobs?

That's not the case, there that many accounts on here,but they are not active.So again, there are not 32 million active accounts.There is a lot of active accounts but not 32 million.There plenty of opportunities,so don't be discouraged about seeing that.And then scrolling down further, again similar to Upwork, you can see all the different types of job categories.And if you click on see all,itll display all the categories as well.So that's the home page of Upwork versus overall home webpage, experience and what it looks like,I would definitely say that Upwork has a better home page.There are things about again personally, that I dont like as a freelancer. And I just feel like Up works is also more clean and crisp as well.So now I am gonna log into Upwork as well as Freelancer, search for SQL which is specific to the type of jobs that I do. I am gonna search for SQL and show you how many jobs are available for that skillset on both platforms. So first, we will search for SQL on Upworkand look at the number of jobs that are available.In the dead center of the screen, you can literally type in SQL and start searching for it.If you dont know how I got to this screen, literally just click on find work,itll take you right to this webpage.

UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019) 

So again, I could type in SQL right here and it would list all the different types of SQL jobs.And one of the things I like a lot about Upworkis that it saves recent searches, so if you lookat recent searches right here, there's SQL first. So I am gonna go ahead and click on that.And it also saves my filters, so right now you can see that I am only looking at expert level of jobs because I am looking at the highest paying ones for SQL related jobs.And this is one of the best things about Upwork.You can categorize different types of skillsets into beginner, intermediate and expert.So when employers create jobs and they set that skill level,it gives them an estimated hourly rate for what they're gonna be paying for those types of freelancers which is a good thing.So again, I have mine an expert.If we look at all the expert jobs for SQL, there are 551 jobs right now. And then from my experience, there always at least 500 to 800 SQL related jobs for expert-level skillsets. There's always been that much anytime that I go and look for new jobs when my availability frees up so that I can take on new clients.So for all SQL related jobs, if I was to remove this filter,there are 1,887 jobs that have SQL listedin the job description or a skill desired for the job.So again, this is gonna list all the beginner, intermediate and expert level jobs as well.So definitely a lot of SQL related jobs out there waiting to be applied for.

Now, lets go ahead and search for SQL on freelancer.comand look at the jobs available.So on, they do not have categorizations for skill levels such as beginner, intermediate, expert.Theyre all bundled together.This is something that if they added into their platform,it would be very beneficial from an employer perspective as well as a freelancer perspective.But anyway, it doesnt exist on their platformso were just gonna search for SQL.And if you dont know how I got to this webpage,when I logged into Freelancer, I just clicked on workand it took me right to where I am now.And then all the jobs displayed to me on this webpageright now, are all related to the skills that I setupfor my account, so if you take a lookright where my cursor is, you can seedata processing, SQL, Microsoft, MySQL,database administration, database programming, et cetera.All these jobs being displayed right now,all fall within those skillswhen employers create their projects.So what were gonna do again, similar to Upwork,right in the center of the screen,were gonna search for SQL and seehow many jobs are available.

So if I type in SQL and hit return,we can see that there are 64 jobson for the SQL skillset.So again, on there were over 1800 jobsright now for the SQL skillset and on,there are only 64 and to show you that Im not filteringanything out on Freelancer, you can seeboth fixed price projects and hourly are both checked.If I scroll down further, all fixed price ratesare selected as well as hourly prices.And then selected languages, everything else is off.So all the filters are off.The only thing typed in is SQLand there are only 64 jobs right nowavailable on Upwork versus Freelancer from a job perspectiverelated to what Im doing personally with SQL,Upwork has way more active jobs right nowwaiting to be applied for than Freelancer.And by active, I mean on Upwork there were over 1800 jobsright now that are open, that you can still bid onand on Freelancer, there were only 58,or actually 60 something, I think it was 64,there were only 64 jobs on Freelancer right nowthat you can bid on that are open.This may not be the case for every type of skillset.There may not be that big of a gapas there was for SQL when we just looked at it.However, I do know that Upwork is definitely the most popular right now.

UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019) 

So it does make sense that there would bethat many more jobs on Upwork compared to Freelancer.Now, lets take a look at my success,how many projects Ive completed.Money that Ive made on Upwork as compared to Freelancer.So first, if you take a look at the screen now,I have my Upwork profile displayed.One thing Ill note before we even get into anything,if you look at my job success score, its at 98% right now.That doesnt mean I had any unsuccessful jobs.What it means is that I have so many open jobs,33 jobs in progress that I havent closed,this is just something off topic that I wanted to let you guys know about.I have so many jobs open and those open jobsare factored into my job success score.So if youre freelancing on Upwork,take my advice, this is something Im trying to focus more on this year.Go through your old projects.Reach out to your clients, ask them if they close a project, give you feedback for it.And then open up a new one when they havemore work available for you.

This is something I didn't do initially,I should be doing right now and it is something that Im making a priority for myself this year in 2019.Get these old projects finished up.Get em closed out and get my feedback displayed so it wont factor into my job success score.So again, to dive back into what we were talking about,my experience on Upwork as a freelancer,I started in May of 2016.Ive made over $400,000 since then working on 77 different jobs.This is with repeat clients as well as new clients.77 different jobs and worked over 5,700 hours as well.Some of these have been really huge clients as I list some of these on my profile right here.CBRE, Fortune 500 company, Stanford, et cetera.Really big companies and you know,there just so many other ones.Even startups, midsize companies,I've worked with so many different types of clients on Upwork and its been great exposure, a great experience for my self being exposed to so many different types of industries and its a process that I greatly enjoy.Then if I scroll down further, we can see different types of jobs Ive completed. Really good reviews, working with great clients.Some really great, great people to work with.Not only are the jobs fun, you can see based on some of the reviews Im receiving that you can see on the screen right now, these people are great people.

Great people to work with, it makes my job as a freelancer so much easier, so much more enjoyable when I get to work with great clients like these. And then again, all these different jobs or reviews are tracing back all the way to May of 2016when I first started on Upwork. So before I jump over to,I just want to say, if you were interested in freelancing, if you even have the slightest bit of interest in freelancing, don't wait any longer. Create a profile on Upwork, whatever platform you want even Freelancer, whatever you think is best for you. Create a profile, start going through the different jobs.Find easier ones that you can jump into first, get some experience under your belt so that you can work your way upto working on the expert level jobs.Start now, don't wait any longer.Its something that I did, I waited for a long time and I was finally like, you know what?I am gonna go ahead and start. And it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Freelancing has changed my life in so many ways.Its allowed me to do a lot more things from a financial standpoint, and just a job flexibility standpoint.

UpWork vs Freelancer! Which is Better? (2019) 

It really changed my life in so many ways, so don't wait any longer! So now, well jump over, take a look at my experience as a freelancer on to give you some history about my experience freelancing, how I first heard about freelancing and became interested in it, I went to Eastern Kentucky University, which is in Richmond, Kentucky.I was in the CIS program there, Computer Information Systems. We had a CIS student club, we met every week, just talked about different types of IT. Topics, we would all come up with those and tell our professor who was leading it, what we wanted to learn about. We had someone in the class, she got up one day and kinda presented about freelancing. She mentioned, how she had created an account on this was back in 2012.I think my second or third to last semester at EKU. She got up, presented freelancing, her experience on Freelancer.I remember I wrote it down, I was taking notes,of course, I always took notes during those, they were great topics and it was great learning experience for me, so I always took notes in those.

I remember I wrote down Freelancer and then I went back home, looked into it, looked at the jobs.I was definitely intimidated by the jobs on there. I knew my skills weren't up to that yet.I was still learning about all of this.I didn't really have any IT experience except for my internship that I had in college. So its one thing that I always kept in my mind.I knew that one day when I had the experience when I started working, got that great experience, that I was going to look into freelancing and see if it was a fit for me. So as you can see on the screen now,its probably pretty small, Ill zoom in.I created my account on in November of 2013. I didn't start working on Freelancer in 2013.This is when I created my account. Again, when I started looking through the jobs,I was not confident in my skill level in order to do those jobs, so I didn't bid on any.But I did create an account on the platform and started going through the different jobs as well.So now well scroll down and I will show you some of my history on

So now well start getting into my reviews. So as you can see, the newest ones were two years ago.I haven't worked on the platform in a while. It has a lot to do with the amount of available jobs that are on Freelancer right now compared to the higher amount that are on Upwork. But as you can see, really good reviews though. You know, I got to work with some good people. The overall rates, because they don't have beginner, intermediate and expert level categories, are all bundled together.I find that the rates that you can make on Freelancers are much lower. Now a lot of these, I did cheaper because I was trying to build experience up for myself. Again, the fact that they were cheaper didn't matter to me.

This was extra money I was making on the side anyway at the time, so that was a good benefit for me regardless. But the main reason was for the experience. To work my way up to making expert-level pay rates. But if we scroll down, good five-star reviews, great feedback, overall prices are lower as far as what I was making.I did get to work with some clients from Europe, which was cool, great experience working with a client from a different country. And then last, you can see one of my first jobs started three years ago, so three years ago would've been around March of 2016. So that's about when I started on Freelancer, started doing projects, it would've been March around 2016. And then I transitioned over to Upwork in May.

So judging Upwork versus Freelancer from my experience as a freelancer working on the platforms, Upwork has definitely been the better option for me. I have had amazing success on Upworkand continue to have amazing success even now. Those initial jobs that I completed on Freelancergave me the motivation, gave me the confidence and the ambition to be able to switch over to Upworkand go after those big-time jobs. So Upwork versus Freelancer in 2019, which one do I go with? That is definitely Upwork. Late last year I even flew out to Up works headquarters in San Francisco and from what I am hearing and seeing from Upwork and their strategic initiatives, there are a lot of big things that are gonna be coming to Upwork and it really, really, really motivates me and gives me a lot of confidence in the platform moving into the future.I hope that this video was helpful for you and gives you an idea of what to expect on both Upwork as well as freelancer.comfrom my personal top-rated freelancer experience.

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