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Title Keywords that SOLD My eBay Listings Faster

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                 Title Keywords that SOLD My eBay Listings Faster

Today we're going to talk about some words that you can put into your eBay titles that are going to help you convert. In other words, these are persuasive words or what they call maybe magnet words or conversion words. I put up my favorite once up here so that you can see them and reference them back whenever you need them. So first let us talk about why you would use them and how they can actually help you.

And I'll tell you about my own personal experience because I have used a lot of them on my own and my own eBay listings. And I cant tell you the wonders they did. So I will tell you the story about the word " Big" over here. I had an eBay auction an eBay listing which was called...let me look it up - " genuine sea tumbled sea glass aqua lot" and I changed that by just saying " big aqua lot" and you know what happened? In the next couple of days, I sold that three times. So one word made a big difference for me. And I think for you the same thing should happen. So let's go through them one at a time over here I have highlighted basically my favorite ones.

Over here are others that I also like a lot and I try to use them whenever they're let's say appropriate to use. One thing you have to keep in mind is don't use them if they are irrelevant. The last thing you want to do is deceive your buyer because they're just gonna walk away right away. For example, I put the word "new" over here. By all means, use it but only use it if the item is totally new. If you even opened it or touched it or you know let us say its an iPhone you opened it up and maybe turned it on. That's it it is no longer new.

So let us go through the "free". " Free" is a great keyword to use. I recommend you don't use it to mention that you have " free shipping" in your title because there's other ways to do that. But do use it in case you're gonna put in some free maybe accessories into your listing. So maybe you are selling an iPhone and you're gonna put in some free accessories in that listing as well.

Put it in your title by all means. The next one is &quot with&quot, and this is especially powerful because just the other week really I was looking for a new iPhone to buy on eBay. So many of those listings are selling their iPhones without the box and I am just one of those people that well - Id like to get a box. If somebody had the words with box in the listing title would have probably bought that. But nobody did so I had to basically go through all of the listings one at a time to try and find one. Again over here so "big" I like that one a lot. Use it sparingly but if it makes sense like in my case with a " big lot" this really made a difference! " Genuine" this is a lot like"original" over there these are basically synonyms.

But you can use them whenever they make sense so in some cases "genuine" make sense in other cases"original" makes sense. You can use it for branded items that are really often let's say sold as knockoffs. Like I don't know - Nike Louis Vuitton... If you have got the real thing put in "genuine" and yeah you will make the sale for sure. I also like to use " Bargain" because in case you are really going to offer a bargain, by all means, mention this in the title. People will click on that. Also, "ten" is a special one it is a non-obvious one. But like George Carlin said - "10 is a psychologically satisfying number". If you're selling something that's got 10items in it or 10 combinations or 10 accessories, by all means, put 10 in there it is gonna help you out.

" Sealed" is a great one also you use it whatever your selling something that hasn't been opened at all like let us say gaming console okay? If it is still sealed people won't even question but it is new in the box. " Sealed" is one great word that's just gonna do the job for you.And last "vintage". " Vintage" is also really great in case you're selling something that's maybe really old but at the same time, it could really be a collectible at any moment. What I notice a lot of times people will just list their item without mentioning any additional things about it. And that's really your opportunity to stand out from your competition. So please do this and I am sure you'll notice a difference right away.

Some additional things that are really going to help you out is according to the statistics - if you use up all 80 characters of your available eBay title you will do much better. Yeah, you like for example if you use I read somewhere if you use only 40 as opposed to 80... I mean your chance of selling is like halved now. And another tip I have is trying not to use the word "rare" too much. People complain that other people on eBay use the word "rare" basically for everything even when something is not actually truly rare. So I think eBay may be punishing users for that or maybe punishing sellers for that. So only use "rare" when it is absolutely rare whatever your selling.

And one more thing that's really going to help you is let us say you are selling a branded item eBay has an item specific called `brand` so, by all means, but the brand in there aswell. Maybe in your title and an item-specific. This way you will actually have many more users because they will use the filters that eBay now provides. The same thing goes back to the iPhone. When I was doing the searching I was searching for iPhone XS max 64 gigabytes okay?

So all of these parameters are actually item specifics that you don't really have to put into the title - you can you should -but you absolutely must put them as item specifics! So I hope that was helpful to you please let me know how your listings went in case you started to use my recommendation to use these words. If they made any difference. My theory is from my own experience they have made a difference. So that's why you should try it. If you have more to offer maybe I missed something maybe I didn't know about some words that I can use; put them in the comments, please. And a little update about me! I am running an experiment a challenge I would call it. To try and make money on eBay a thousand dollars basically from nothing okay!

So that's the challenge that I have. That's why I am getting into sea glass because that's something I can pick up off the of the beach basically for nothing and sell it on eBay. And so far I am doing pretty good! I am basically at around three/four hundred dollars earnings already. I will keep you updated when I reach that thousand dollar mark! That's what Im going for and I think that this will be interesting for you. Basically, the idea is to challenge yourself to try and make some money on eBay or online whatever. By selling something that you got for nothing that you didn't have to go to let us say garage sale for. I think that thats interesting challenge to do you know -just to stay sharp!

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