Monday, 9 December 2019

How To Start A Successful Blog | 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Hi everyone welcome to my Website Charlee Tech  Zone.So I really want to talk about how to start a blog. I really feel like since I do have my own blog. I do have a lot of tips for you.

I have specifically 10 tips for you to help you start a successful blog. Always remember that when you first start blogging your blog is always going to be a work in progress. You might start off and six to nine months from now your blog could look completely different. Your blog is going to be looking more developed more consistent and it is just always going to be a work in progress no matter what. As long as you're writing about topics that you enjoy talking about and blogging about topics that interest you. Honestly interest you; you're going to be successful. It is okay if you want to start blogging because you want another stream of income that's completely possible. Many people are making five hundred dollars to five thousand dollars plus a month with blogging. And of course, blogging; with blogging theres multiple sources of income.

So there are many different possibilities. So my first tip when starting a blog is to choose a main topic for your blog. Just use something that interests you that you're honestly interested in. A good tip that I have is to make a list of the things that you enjoy talking about. Look at what you enjoy reading about and this will give you a good hint into what you might want to make your blog about.Just anything that you enjoy and feel interested in is something that you can definitely speak about on your blog. My second step is to start to think Or maybe you want it to be like a brand name that you have in mind. Something unique maybe that you want your website to be called. My third tip is to choose a content management system this can be or Squarespace. I recommend because that is what I mean we use for my blog and its really simple.I really love WordPress so you might have to do a little research on those too and compare them and see which type of blogging site you want to create and which one is going to be right for you.My fourth tip is to choose a hosting.

There are many hosting providers out there.The one that I personally use is a blue host and I have really been loving them a lot.I also recommend doing a little bit of research and comparing the hosting providers and seeing which hosting provider you like to select for your blog.My fifth tip to choose a theme for your blog so you might want to go to the theme forest or creative market.These two websites offer a variety of WordPress themes and even Squarespace themes depending on which content management system you decide to go with.When you go in there is going to be a lot of variety a lot of themes to choose from and a lot of inspiration.My sixth tip; is to get into your website after you installed your theme and did all of that you want to get into your website and go ahead and think about adding your logo.

Think about it if you want to.Maybe you want to hire someone to do it.Or maybe you want to create it yourself.If you want to hire someone to do it I recommend Fiverr but if you want to design it yourselfthen I recommend going on the creative market and maybe checking out some of their fonts and some of their personal brand symbols that you can use for your logo or maybe even local templates on creative market.I highly recommend that web site since it helped me so much with my blog.Then you want to add categories to your blog.You want to think about your main topic that you chose and break your main topic up into5-7 plus subtopics and those are going to be your categories.Of course, it can be as many as you like as many as you feel inspired and adding to your blog.So for example; if you have a blog and your main topic is health you can select subtopics such as nutrition exercise yoga supplements etc.

Then you want to add your pages which are your about contact pages and any additional pages that you might have for your website.You also want to include an email sign up form on your blog preferably offering your freebie they need to offer.So that you can start to build your email list.Then you want to include your social media links and also analytics.It’s Google Analytics just to keep track of where your visitors are coming from and it lets you know overall the number of visitors that are visiting your site per month.If you go with WordPress all of these there are plugins.A lot of plugins that make everything so simple.My seventh tip is to brainstorm post ideas.Maybe you want to get inspired on Pinterest through a magazine.Maybe you want to make a mind map to help you with this mind map process.

I recommend using a website called answering the public along with answering the public.I also recommended using Google Keyword Planner to help you think of a blog post ideas’.And just to give you an idea of what others are searching for. You might want to watch a tutorial on how to use this tool if you haven't used it yet. My eighth tip; is to create a content calendar. This is where you just pick how often you're going to be blogging posting a blog post on your blog and where you're going to post it once a week lets say for example; you're going to post a blog post every Saturday.So you want to on your content calendar you want to write down the blog post you're going to be posting for that Saturday.

Scheduling your blog post undercounting calendar. Just keep me focused on work content you are going to be producing next for your blog and it will help you be more consistent and more productive. My ninth tip is to join Facebook groups and Pinterest group boards that relate to your blog topics. Then when you post a blog post on your blog you want to share them. When finding Pinterest group boards I recommend a web site called PinGroupie.This website just lets you type in a keyword; like the main topic of your blog and depending on what topic your blog is. It is going to show you group boards that are related to that. My tenth tip is to be consistent and rate your monthly blogging goals.Blogging goals could simply be how many email subscribers you want to gain in the next six to twelve months.

How many visitors you want on your blog? And do you want to work with any sponsors? Just know that you only want to work with sponsors that align with your blogging brand and your lifestyle. Do you want to monetize your blog using Google Ads or something similar? These are just some of the blogging goals that you can write for yourself. There are so many blogging goals that are available for you to choose from. So those are my ten tips to start a successful blog. I really hope that these ten tips help you start a successful blog. If you have a blog or if you're going to be starting one and what it is going to be about I would love to get to know you and your blog.

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