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How To Get Your First Clients | Becoming A Freelancer

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 How To Get Your First Clients | Becoming A Freelancer

it's time to talk about finding clients as a freelancer 

I get questions every single day about how I started as a freelancer and how to find your feet howto get clients all those types of questions so I have decided to compile al my thoughts and all my tips and advice into this post so you have got a quick source to find your own clients and start as a freelancer firstly.

I recommend building your self a professional-looking website so when you do have clients approach you you have a place to send them that has all the information they need and examples of your previous work personally.

I use Squarespace for my website but there are tons out there and I definitely recommend paying for a domain name so even if right now you know you want to be freelance but you're not sure in what area I recommend going on to a domain website and purchasing a domain name that is yours so years and years ago I purchased the domain name it cost me about 6 pounds a year to hold and I had it ready for when I became a professional I mean I'm still waiting to become a professional but I can pretend once you've got your self set up with a swanky new website I would say to get social media so personally I use Instagram.

 How To Get Your First Clients | Becoming A Freelancer

I use Facebook and I use LinkedIn I know a lot of people swear by Twitter however I don't use that as much anymore so it is personal preference, especially as a designer a graphic designer slash illustrator I find Instagram is so helpful to inspire myself to follow other designers to kind of chat with people who are similar tome and also LinkedIn, is really good to find more professional connections so maybe in the future if I wanted to work for bigger brands LinkedIn is a place where I can reach out to those and hopefully find myself some clients and actually I see a lot of people reaching out for work and opportunities on Linked In so that is a really really good space to be if you are in need of some clients and some advice and information really the biggest thing I have learned since being a freelancer I've been a freelancer now for 8 years I started when I was 16 and I fell into the trap of waiting for clients to come to me as a photographer.

I kind of had work sometimes and then for really long periods of time I didn't have any work and I just kind of sat there and didn't anything about it so the biggest mistake for me was sitting and waiting for clients to come to me that's not always gonna happen not everyone is that lucky so it's important to be proactive so if you are available for work make sure people know about that they're not going to approach you if they don't know and also reach out to the kind of people you want to work with and speak with them and see if they're in the market for anything that you're creating we'll go into that in a little bit more detail in one second something that I really enjoyed being a part of right, in the beginning, was a job board site so.

How To Get Your First Clients | Becoming A Freelancer

I used a site called fiver on there you can pay graphic designers or video editors actually lots of creative industries copywriters anything like that you can pay people to do work for you so it starts at a fiver so five pounds and it goes up from there you can set your own rates and that could be a good space to find new clients.

I know there are lots of other sites I've personally not tried them but I will link a few different sites in the description below so you can check them out for yourself you can also make use of existing contacts that you have so if you are a recent graduate it is important to stay in touch with your fellow graduates because you never know further down the line you might end up needing to work for each other and it's a great way to put the feelers out there and find work in your chosen industry so if like me you are a recent graduate.

I'd recommend just emailing or messaging someone you know who works in a similar field to the one you're looking for just send them a personal email hi how you doing really enjoying the work you've done make sure that you are up to date with what they're doing and make it personal you know they don't want another blanket email they're not going to reply tell them what you do tell them what you're available for and just ask them if they know anyone in the market for the work that you do or know anyone that might offer some advice or point you in the right direction kind of linking in with that is talking to people in your field so.

I graduated in a creative degree so it's very important for me to stay in touch with my fellow classmates however connecting with other people that you've not previously met is so important because you can learn from them and you can ask them questions and connect with them so what I do I connect with a bunch of people our LinkedIn and Instagram I find Instagram a lot easier to talk to people on it's a lot more relaxed so I follow designers and illustrators and only the other day I asked a fellow illustrator what printer she used what paper she used and she was more than happy to help me out the worst they can do is not reply so just kind of be a bit brave and put yourself out there follow the people who are doing the stuff that you want to be doing andtake inspiration from their work this next one I'm still working on myself butI get told this so much and it is to find networking events that are in your areas so for me.

I go to YouTube events I don't yet go to graphic design events and I think that's where I am missing out so it's super important to show your face even just say hi tell someone your name and then further down the line theymight remember you they might reach out to you networking events are superimportant for that if you want you can hand out business cards and you just kind of again put in the feelers out there and see if you can find anyone whois up for hiring a freelancer like yourself whilst we're on this topic actually let me know if there's any design conferences or events or networking things that you know of because.

I don't know where to start looking for them and I do need to go to this one of my absolute favorite things to do when I first started and even now is to recreate existing things so you might recognize that in my logo redesign videos I like remaking logos that already exist because it gives me an interesting angle to work from and I get to explain the process a little bit as to why I changed it so for example if you want tobe a website designer maybe redesign a website that you've seen and you think could do with some tweaks put it on that website you made and speak about make a blog post all about why you did it and the differences you've made and how you think it will improve that company and if you are redesigning something that is in the same creative field that you're looking to work in asa freelancer people will be able to come across that website see that your work is good and maybe that'll apply to them.

when they want your product to something did recently was make a list of the people and brands I want to work with sofor me because I do have two different kinds of branches of work I have YouTubeand graphic design I have a for both so on there I have brands that I would love to work with brands that I would love to design for and it gives me something to sort of aim towards and it also allows me to reach out to them so I'll go down that list and it's easy enough for me to find a contact email for them and I'll just introduce myself I keep it short and sweetly tell them which product of theirs.

I particularly liked and let them knowthat I'm open for chats open for any opportunities and again the work theycan do is not reply and even if they don't reply they've seen your name intheir inbox they're more likely to remember in the future the penultimateone is one that is sometimes a little bit of a touchy subject it is startingworking for free so when you very first start work for free now I know a lot ofpeople say that that devalues everyone else's work in your industry howeverwhen you're first starting out and you have a very limited portfolio and youneed the experience and maybe design in for a friend of a friend or someonequite personal to you doing it for free is absolutely completely fine the biggest thing I'd say when doing work for free is be very very selective so don't let someone walk all over you only take on work that is going tobenefit you because after all you're doing them a favor so don't accept work that you know isn't gonna benefit your portfolio isn't going to help you learn and get better and make sure when you do accept free work to set the boundaries.

so let them know the kind of time scale you're working to how many adjustments you're willing to make and how the process is going to work but along side that also let them know that you are doing them a big favor just say for a regular client I would charge a hundred pounds and I'm giving you this for free really happy to help you out and then also once you'd done ask for a testimonial ask for a review of what you've done so you can put that on your website and let them know that you'd be more than happy to be referred on so if they are really happy with what you've done which you need to make sure they are they will tell their friends and other companies that you did areally good job and hopefully you'll get some more work out of it where the mouth is a really really trustworthy tool within the industry.

because people trust other people's opinions but my farewell advice for you is to practice practice as much as you can do some mock briefs recreate things that were exist share things on Instagram use hashtags just keep practicing and sure that what you're making is something that you love something you're passionate about because that passion will show through the work itself and of course make sure you learn from your mistakes everyone has more mistakes than successes that's just how it works but generally people only ever shout about the success so if you are knocked down and you did something wrong and you're feeling a bit down hearted just just pick your self up learn from it and hopefully that'll improve your work and your business in the future alright that's me that's my that's my tips for the day.

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