Thursday, 12 December 2019

4 Things you may want have before selling your first item on Ebay

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           4 Things you may want have before selling your first item on Ebay

Hey there. I am Wajahat Ch the Online Entrepreneur. This is going to be part one of a series of Post and I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks that I wish I would've known when starting out on eBay.This first video is going to include items that you may want to have on hand before your self your very first item on eBay.You are not going to want to miss this so stay tuned. Okay, guys. So item number one is you’re going to want a digital scale. Now if you're selling on eBay the last thing you want is to go to sell your first items not have a scale to weigh it on and then you find out that you charged shipping for the weight that you estimated it was but then you find out you didn’t charge enough shipping you've got to pay the difference it cuts into your profit.

Its no fun for anybody. So what I recommend is the scale that I have bought here.It’s called a SmartWeigh digital scale. It can weigh up to four hundred and forty pounds so you can actually stand on this for the most part and weigh yourself if you wanted to. So it can be utilized as two different types of scales. Now the reason I would recommend this scale over most is most digital scales come with the digital reader attached to the scale like this so that when you go to weigh something on the scale if the box is too big it will cover the actual number so you won’t beable to see what it weighs.So I got one that's got a cord on it that way you can put anything on the scale and you can weigh it.The scale also utilizes different metric systems you’ve got kilograms pounds and ounces and grams.

I use pound and ounces for mine.Well quickly go ahead and throw my can of air freshener on this thing just to show you that it weighs.This weighs 11 ounces.So yeah that is item number one.I would definitely never sell on eBay without a scale otherwise you’re just going to run into a bunch of hassles unless you were just using flat rate priority boxes but that post for another day.Okay.So item number two that I would highly recommend that you purchase before you get really into selling on eBay -- I mean you can sell on eBay with a basic inkjet printer when you're first starting out like I did but if you have the money to invest I would totally invest in this LaserJet printer that I currently have here.It is a Brother LaserJet printer.It is about $85.

It connects to your internet via Wi-Fi so you don't have to use a cable. You still can if you want.I put it on the Wi-Fi so everyone can use it. Basically, it is a monochrome printer. It prints only black but it can print a thousand pages per ink cartridge.LaserJet prints’ ink lasts a lot longer than inkjets plus Laser Jets are the better choice in printers when it comes to printing labels. Now you can also get a label printer. I don't use one but I may get into it in the other video to show you how that's done. Personally, I just use the printer and I use my next item that I am going to show you. So item number three is label sheets. Now I bought these online. They weren't that expensive. You can get free ones from UPS’s website if you ship via UPS or you can get them fromUPS and just cut off the sides where it tells you that these are for UPS only and you can still use them. Yeah but these are Avery. These are commonly known.

You can get them at Staples you can get them online. Basically, you want one that has two labels per sheet or if you're using smaller packaging you can get one that has four labels per sheet but I typically always use this one. All right so the fourth item that I want to show during this video is just what I use for when I ship things out. Now as many of you may or may not know I sell mostly video games and video game accessories that I find at yard sales and other avenues.I typically use this 8.5 by 11 -- I think that's approximately the dimensions of it-- it’s a Kraft bubble mailer another thing you can get online. You can buy them at the local store but they’re usually cheaper online and this fits -- I’llshow you.I’ll grab a game here. So if I was to sell this game it fits rather perfectly inside the bubble mailer and then you slap the label on the front and you ship it out. Again all of these products will be links in the description below.

So guys there you have it four products that I would recommend that you purchase before selling your first item on eBay.It is a small investment but it is well worth it in the end.Now some substitutes for the bubble mailers could be boxes. If you have boxes lying around you can buy some boxes in bulk depending on the size you need online. They’ll typically run you a little bit more than unlikely. As for the labels you can just use sheet paper if you want and just cut the labels out and tape them to the packages.That's what I originally did when I started out but again label paper just makes the process so much more streamlined and easy so if you sell a lot of things the labels are a lot better for you.Again it is the same thing with the printer. You could easily use an inkjet printer. However, the cartridges don’t last as long as LaserJet and its mostly for printing on paper although there are some label papers that you can use inkjets on. As for the scale it’s my highest recommended scale that I have and if you get anything from what I am telling you in this post make sure you have a scale. You can use just about any printer any paper any packaging you want but make sure you have a scale of some sort. So that's it guys.

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